The  OPTWELD  project is  about enabling  UK industry to design and manufacture innovative,
large  and  complex welded  products for  competing in  the global  market with manageable
technological  and  financial  risks.  This  will  be  achieved  by  replacing  physical
experimentation  and  construction of  prototypes with  cost-effective real-time virtual
welding technology.

A designer driven simulation  approach will  be adopted in  the development  of the
virtual  welding  tools. The  project will  produce scalable  parallel  computational
algorithms  and  associated  software  codes  for real-time simulation. The artificial
neural network will be further advanced for practical welding  optimisation. Validation
will  be  carried  out  in laboratory and production to ensure accuracy, robustness and
reliability of the virtual welding software.

An overview of the project is given here